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The Company

Years ago, we created a company of exemplary stability.


With the time-tested ingredients of highly experienced leadership, a steadfast mission, innovative research and development, continued learning and unsurpassed products, we have shown that we can and will grow.


With E. Excel International, success is like a torch that is handed from generation to generation, burning bright, unceasing and endless.


Extra EXCEL Malaysia has been established more than 20 years, and its number of distributors has swelled to over 100,000. To run smoothly, the Extra EXCEL Malaysia head office needs the coordination of the various branches and departments. Under the able leadership of Ms. Lau Phooi Hing, the departments in the head office - including the Administration, Marketing, Accounts, Customer Services, Store, EDP, Publication and Promotion Departments - and the branches in Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuching, KK and Ipoh have been able to work hand in hand to bring about a brighter future.


The success of the Company is built on the cooperation of all E. Excellers. The performance of Extra EXCEL Malaysia over the past years has been outstanding, but it is just a beginning. We look forward to even more success in the coming millennium!

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