Evernew-D Fruit Cup
  < Procedures >

Slice the orange from top to separate in five. Scoop the orange and set aside.


Cut the apple, guava, kiwi fruit and orange into small cubes.


Mix EverNew-D with orange juices or cool water. Stir evenly and add in all the ingredients in Procedure 2. Fill into the orange cup.


Decorate with mini tomato es on top (Cut in half if mini tomato is big to make it stable to stand).

| Note |
1. Fruits may changes with other fruits for individual preference and season.
2. If need to add in some taste of vegetables, green pepper would be a better choice.

< Ingredients >

1 packet EverNew-D


3 oranges


1/2 apple


1/2 guava


1/2 kiwi fruit


several mini tomatoes


250c.c. orange juices