EverNew-Nutrifresh Vegetable Roll
  < Procedures >

Rinse and drains all the ingredients with VegiWash.


Cut the red carrot, cucumber, apple and green pepper in elongated shape. Shred the cabbage and purple cabbage, set aside.


Mix Nutrifresh and EverNew in cold water until it is thickening, as sauce. Can place in a plastic bag, and cut a small hole at the edge for squeezing later.


Next, use new packet of Nutrifresh and Evernew mix them evenly, and set aside.

  5. Lay the whole grain popiah on the table, add alfafa bud, the listed ingredient in procedure 2 and green sprout, then squeeze in the Nutrifresh and Evernew sauce on top of it, and sprinkle the Nutrifresh and evernew mixture.
  6. Roll the whole grain popiah, and seal the top with the sause. A healthy and low cholesterol EverNew-Nutrifresh Vegetable Roll is served.

< Ingredients >
Alfalfa . Cabbage
Carrot . Apple


. EverNew
Green Sprout
Purple Cabbage
Green Pepper
Whole Grain Popiah