Coconut Yogurt
  < Procedures >

Pour in 900c.c.coconut liquid. Stir evenly, with coconut powder and egg yolks. Keep stirring while boil with the low heat.


Stir the corn powder with the reserved 100c.c. coconut liquid after boiled. Next, add into the coconut mixture in Procedure 1. Keep stirring until mixture form a gel.

  3. Set aside the coconut mixture in the deep plate. Let it cool before placing into the refrigerator.

To make into pudding-shaped after refrigerated. Cut in any shape that you prefer.


Crushed the cashew nuts after cook until fragrant. Mix with EverNew and chocolate flavor Nutrifresh. Stir evenly and sprinkle on the coconut mixture.

  6. Decorate with sprinkle the dry grapes or put a cashew nut on top. A yummy coconut yogurt is ready to served!

< Ingredients >

Nutrifresh (Chocolate flavor)


1 packet coconut powder


1000c.c. coconut liquid


2 egg yolks


200g corn powder


Some cashew nuts


Some dry grapes