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    Add a touch of quiet elegance with jasmine’s exquisite floral fragrance.

    Product Information:
    - 23ml/bottle
      Price: RM222.60  |  Code 030003 


    Common Uses of Elemente Essential Oils

    Elemente essential oils contain plant essences to lift your senses in a variety of ways.

    • Aromatherapy: Add 3 to 4 drops of an Elemente essential oil to the well of an oil burner filled two-thirds with water. Heat with a tealight.
    • Bath: Add an Elemente essential oil to bath water. Pamper your skin and soak your stress away.
    • Massage: Indulge in a spa experience. Add an Elemente essential oil to olive oil or massage oil before massaging your body with it.
    • Clothes: Rub a little Elemente essential oil on your palms then apply it on your clothes. As Elemente essential oils contain oil, use them with care on thin-material clothes to avoid leaving oil stains.
    • Fragrance: Prepare a small spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Add a few drops of an Elemente essential oil for a DIY bottle of fragrance. Shake before use. Use anytime to enjoy the lovely scent of Elemente essential oil. Spray:

    * on clothes—For nice-smelling clothes.
    * in the air—For a fragrant, uplifting ambience.
    * on pillow—Enjoy a lovely fragrance for a good night’s sleep.
    * on hair—Moisturizes and scents your hair with an alluring fragrance. 

    • Potpourri: Prepare a small sachet of potpourri and add a few drops of an Elemente essential oil. Hang it in the:
      * washroom—Removes odors, and fills your house with a lovely scent.
      * wardrobe—Adds a delightful scent to your wardrobe and clothes.
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