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    Rose is a romantic symbol of love. Its sweet and delicate fragrance relieves anxiety, lifts moods, and inspires joy, happiness and hope. Rose essential oil is one of the most valuable essential oils. It takes 1,500–2,500 kg of roses just to produce 1 kg of rose essential oil. It is no wonder that rose essential oil is known as the “queen” of essential oils.

    Product Information:
    - 23ml/bottle
      Price: RM222.60  |  Code 030001


    Common Uses of Elemente Essential Oils

    Elemente essential oils contain plant essences to lift your senses in a variety of ways.

    • Aromatherapy: Add 3 to 4 drops of an Elemente essential oil to the well of an oil burner filled two-thirds with water. Heat with a tealight.
    • Bath: Add an Elemente essential oil to bath water. Pamper your skin and soak your stress away.
    • Massage: Indulge in a spa experience. Add an Elemente essential oil to olive oil or massage oil before massaging your body with it.
    • Clothes: Rub a little Elemente essential oil on your palms then apply it on your clothes. As Elemente essential oils contain oil, use them with care on thin-material clothes to avoid leaving oil stains.
    • Fragrance: Prepare a small spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Add a few drops of an Elemente essential oil for a DIY bottle of fragrance. Shake before use. Use anytime to enjoy the lovely scent of Elemente essential oil. Spray:

    * on clothes—For nice-smelling clothes.
    * in the air—For a fragrant, uplifting ambience.
    * on pillow—Enjoy a lovely fragrance for a good night’s sleep.
    * on hair—Moisturizes and scents your hair with an alluring fragrance.

    • Potpourri: Prepare a small sachet of potpourri and add a few drops of an Elemente essential oil. Hang it in the:

    * washroom—Removes odors, and fills your house with a lovely scent.
    * wardrobe—Adds a delightful scent to your wardrobe and clothes.


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