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    Scents and Oils > Whispering Wind
       Code 030203  

    Elegant fragrances subtle as wind to sail you through a beautiful day. With a rollerball design, the fragrances are light and easy to carry around so you can create a soothing feel any time. Choose from three variants to suit your mood.


    ‧ Floral scent
    ‧ Feel as if you are in a beautiful garden; ideal for women


    ‧ Lavender scent
    ‧ Soothing and cheerful, suitable for both sexes
    ‧ Use before bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere.


    ‧ Lemongrass and mint scents
    ‧ Cool and refreshing, suitable for both sexes


    Storage Instructions:
    ‧ Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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