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    Trial & Travel Sets > Elemente Skin Care Trial & Travel Set
       Code 091000  

    A great way to experience Elemente skin care products. Travel-friendly and perfect for trial, home, and travel use.

    Gentle Facial Wash
    30g / 010306

    ‧ Creamy texture
    ‧ Luxurious lather
    ‧ After use, skin does not feel dry or tight, but feels soft and refreshed.
    ‧ After wetting the face, place a suitable amount on the palm. Add water and work into a
      lather. Massage gently over face in a circular motion. Rinse with water.

    Oxyginberry Essence
    50ml / 010200

    ‧ Watery texture
    ‧ Suitable for all ages and all skin types
    ‧ After cleansing the face with Gentle Facial Wash, take a suitable amount of Oxyginberry
    and gently pat all over face and neck. Proceed with the rest of your daily skin
      care routine.

    Blanc Light Reveal
    30g / 010207

    ‧ Gel texture
    ‧ Suitable for adults of all skin types
    ‧ Apply a suitable amount of Blanc Light Reveal on dry face and neck and gently massage
      in a circular motion until dead skin cells fall away. Rinse off with warm water. There is
      no need to follow with cleanser. Use every 2–3 days.

    Essence of the Sea Lotion
    20g / 011400

    ‧ Fluid texture
    ‧ Suitable for adults of all skin types, especially in dry and cold climates
    ‧ After cleansing with Gentle Facial Wash, first apply Oxyginberry Essence. Take a suitable
      amount of Essence of the Sea Lotion and lightly massage until fully absorbed.


    Storage Instructions:
    ‧ Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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